Privacy Policy

Bradley Title, LLC Privacy Policy

Bradley Title, LLC appreciates the privacy andinformation security expectations that are held by the individuals and families receiving ourservices. This policy outlines how we will and will not use the nonpublicinformation with which we are entrusted. Bradley Title, LLC reserves the rightto update and/or modify this policy at any time. Any change or update will beeffective immediately.

In the course of doing business with you, Bradley Title,LLC may collect personal non-public information about you from one or all of the following resources:

                       Applications and/or other documents or forms that wereceive from you directly, or your authorized representative

                       Public records maintained by governmental entities (wemay obtain information directly from these entities, or via our affiliates or partners)

                       Consumer or other reporting agencies

                       Your transactions with us, our affiliates, or others

At Bradley Title, LLC, we maintain strict physical,procedural, and electronic controls to safeguard your personal information from any and all unauthorized access.Employee access is strictly limited to employees with a need-to-know basis.Access to your personal information is never granted without a directconnection to providing our products and services to you. All Bradley Title, LLC employeesundergo training directly related to the proper secure handling of your personal information.

Bradley Title, LLC never collects or utilizes any piecesof your personal information for marketing or research purposes. Further, BradleyTitle, LLC never sells any pieces of your personal information to any outsideorganization for the purpose of marketing, research, or for any other purpose.

Bradley Title, LLC will only disclose your personalinformation when you direct us, or grant us permission to do so, when BradleyTitle, LLC is required by law to do so, or when Bradley Title, LLC suspectscriminal or fraudulent acts.

Bradley Title, LLC is responsible for recording in thepublic domain certain documents containing limited pieces of your personalinformation. These documents may include deeds, mortgages, and other securityinstruments or other documents related directly to your real estatetransactions.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the handlingor use of your personal information you may submit your question in writing to:

Bradley Title, LLC

1813 John Sims Pkwy, Suite A

Niceville, FL 32578



Phone: (850) 279-3637